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Product Review: Bae’s Butters

Hey everyone!

I recently got the opportunity to try a new brand of peanut butter: Bae’s Butters - and I am obsessed!

The two flavors that I tried were the cashew butter and the matcha pumpkin seed butter.

Hands down the matcha pumpkin seed butter was the best one! It is so perfect for the start of fall - you can taste the pumpkin seed in it and it is so delicious! Along with the flavors what I love about this brand is the ingredients - when you read the label you’ll notice there aren’t any ingredients that you’ve never heard of. It’s all made from scratch!

I made a greek yogurt bowl with coconut granola and blueberries and topped it off with the pumpkin seed butter - it was perfection!

I highly recommend you all check them out!

Check out their Instagram @ baesbutters or their website

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