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Hi everyone!

I always get asked what I take supplement wise so I thought I would share it with you all!

  1. Hypercuts: Hypercuts from CTD Sports is a thermogenic which mean that it raises your body temperature so that you sweat more! I use this as my pre-workout. It helps burn fat, gives you energy and also helps to reduce cravings. 

  2. L-Glutamine: I started taking this last year and have seen a HUGE difference in my body and also less digestive issues. It is an amino acid that helps support the digestive tract. If you suffer from IBS I highly recommend looking into taking this. It also helps in muscle recovery as well! I use the brand NOW. 

  3. Spirulina: Spirulina is one way that you can have protein, and TONS of vitamins all in one pill. Also studies on it have showed that it helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure and it boosts your metabolism. I use the brand NOW.

  4. Women’s Multivitamin: I take this as a way to make sure I’m getting enough calcium, vitamins, potassium, etc. I use the UP & UP brand from Target.

  5.  Lastly I take fiber gummies. There are some days where I don’t get enough fiber from the food I eat and I get “backed up” - it happens! To help make sure things are flowing smoothly in the digestive area always make sure you are having enough fiber daily. I use the UP & UP brand from Target.

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