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Workout Tips for Beginners

With the new year coming up on us and all the new year resolutions to get fit I thought I would give you guys a couple tips for getting started if it’s your first time in a gym!

1) Get a trainer! Especially if you’ve never worked out before or it’s been a long time. Trainers are there to motivate you, make sure you have the right form and guide you through different workouts and nutrition.

2) A typical workout is usually around 7 exercises, 3-4 sets of the exercises and around 10-20 reps.

3) Change up your workout routine as often as you can! Our bodies are creatures of habit and if you always do the same exercises every workout you’ll never see results. Always try something new!

4) Don’t go for the heavy weights right away. Gradually work your way up to heavy weights one workout at a time.

5) Never compare your journey to anyone else. Focus on yourself and your goals; change takes time!

6. Stretch, give your body a day off every week from working out and have fun with your workouts! Remember - working out is not a punishment!

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