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Kettlebell Workout

Fit Bodies

By Amanda

Looking for a personal trainer in Orange County?

Your search is over, I am here for you!

"Make your body the sexiest outfit you own"

Welcome to Fit Bodies By Amanda Personal Training! I am HERE FOR YOU. You will get lean, get toned muscle, and start to feel strong and confident! We will teach you different training techniques, creative exercises and ways to push yourself to see results. You will also learn how to eat towards your goals with the help of nutritional guidance!

Come find out why we are one of the highest rated personal training companies in Orange County!


Meet Your Trainer

Amanda Ramirez
Owner/Founder/Head Personal Trainer


Amanda became a personal trainer 12 years ago after falling in love with working out. In the past 12 years, she has helped hundreds of clients over the years of all ages and fitness backgrounds reach their goals and completely change their lifestyles.

Amanda is fully certified, a former NPC bikini competitor and CPR certified.


Services Offered

  • One on one private personal training: Get the most out of training with individualized attention for 1 hour; ideal for clients with injuries, first timers or the elderly. 

  • Semi-private personal training (1-3 clients at a time) : With semi-private training you will be training with up to 2 other clients for the hour. You still get a workout customized to your goals and it is a more affordable option!

  • Online Training (MEMBERSHIP) NEW! If you cannot train with me in person, meet the next best option! You will be given access to PDF workout guides that can be done at home or at your local gym. Also included is nutritional help & guidance! 

  • In-home training: If you have a busy work or life schedule, I will come to you and train you! *Note: cost of at home training includes the hour session & milage.

  • Classpass Classes (Click HERE to see classes offered via Classpass)

  • Nutritional Guidance 

*Pricing varies for each service, for current rates please contact me directly*

Contact Us

Fit Bodies By Amanda

17821 Sky Park Circle Suite J

Irvine, CA 92614


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